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Managed IT Services in Orlando, FL Can Aptly Protect Against Hackers

Do you own a small business? If you do, then you might be resting comfortably in the knowledge that cybercriminals from around the world won’t bother with you. After all, you’re a small-scale entrepreneur, so why would they want to target you?

The truth, however, is that hackers nowadays simply don’t care where the money comes from; what matters to them is that they get it. Unscrupulous individuals would seize identity, credentials, and information even from small businesses given the chance. Data from the National Cyber Security Alliance backs this up: one in five small businesses fall prey to cybercriminals each year, with 60 percent of victims going out of business within a mere six months after an attack.


Managed IT Services in Orlando Keep Vital Company Information Secure

According to two other people briefed on the matter, hackers infiltrated the computer networks of some banks and stole checking and savings account information from clients. It was not clear whether the attacks were financially motivated, or if they were collecting intelligence as part of an espionage effort.

It is not entirely surprising that leading banks are under constant threat of hacking, which is why they need to bolster their network security measures and protect sensitive client information at all costs. Yet if big businesses with formidable IT defenses are still somehow vulnerable to security breaches, what chances do small to medium businesses (SMBs) stand against cyber-attacks? Fortunately, outsourced IT services in Orlando, Florida cater to the data management and security needs of SMBs in O-Town, thereby allowing budding entrepreneurs to focus on actually generating profit.

Using Managed IT Services in Orlando to Improve your Medical Practice

Seeing as you’ll be using cloud storage to organize medical records and the like, security should be your top priority. You may want to work with Orlando, FL IT services like TaylorWorks, Inc. who specialize in working with the medical industry. Due to their experience, such professionals can help design a system that is both secure and best suited for your practice.