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Why Outsourcing IT Tasks is a Good Move

Many growing businesses typically plan to upgrade their systems by centralizing processes and incorporating the latest technology to store and handle all data. If you’re planning the same thing for your business, such an upgrade may require you to purchase expensive equipment and hire a team of skilled IT professionals. Before you know it, you’ve allocated 70 percent of your annual budget on the infrastructure alone. Continue reading Why Outsourcing IT Tasks is a Good Move


Leave it to the Pros: Managed IT Benefits

Many big companies house their own IT departments what with the increased dependence on computers and the Internet. To be technologically on top of things is a priority; for small and medium-sized companies, however, getting the budget for a dedicated IT team can be difficult. Thankfully, many of these companies resort to managed IT services for their internet needs. Here are a few benefits to doing so:


  • Controlled Costs. The problem with an IT department is that most of the time you’ll only need one when something goes wrong. Paying a full salary for people waiting for a disaster to happen isn’t that cost-effective. With managed IT services, you pay them only when they’ve done the service. This can cut down on IT expenses a lot.
  • Assured Experience. When you’re building a company, sometimes, you can only hire people fresh from school. This can be problematic when a problem requires an experienced hand. Managed IT services employs professionals with experience on the job; this way no mistakes can happen from the lack of experience.
  • Easy Implementation. Creating a good IT team takes time. If you want instant effects, contract a managed IT service. You can immediately call them up even before the ink on the contract is dry.


Reputable IT service companies have seen IT-related problems multiple times and, thus, would be better able to resolve issues than would your isolated in-house staff who are limited by the issues they’ve so far dealt with.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Small and medium businesses can benefit from hiring IT service providers who can manage their IT operations, whether as a fully outsourced service, or in collaboration with the business’ in-house IT team. It is a strategic move that helps improve operations. Here are some benefits of managed IT services: Continue reading Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Work alongside other Operations

Running a business means having to be in charge of every little detail and event that involves your business and knowing how each could possibly affect your company. For most business owners, managing their information technology requirements is more than their expertise can handle, yet they also realize IT support in this digital age, is indispensable. Continue reading Managed IT Services Work alongside other Operations

The Importance of IT Services in Law Firms

Prior to 1996, law firms only have to worry about physical boundaries when conducting business with their clients. Ever since the first law firm website was launched that year in San Francisco, however, today’s lawyers have the means to operate from virtually anywhere and at any time. To do this, they have to work with reliable IT (information technology) services that can provide the resources and knowhow needed by law firms to operate online. Continue reading The Importance of IT Services in Law Firms

Spam: The Meatloaf That Isn’t

Spam can be any email, whether it’s in your spam folder or inbox. What makes detection hard is that the reverse also works: “Any email can be spam.”

Statistics show that roughly half of emails sent around the world are spam; but with researchers disputing the veracity of the numbers, it can be higher. Not surprisingly, the U.S. is the leading spam generator, given its business atmosphere. How exactly do you determine a message sent as junk? Subjectivity isn’t exactly an accurate filter. Continue reading Spam: The Meatloaf That Isn’t

SMEs Need Defenses against Cyber-Attacks

You may think your small business won’t garner the attention of hackers, but you are wrong. Back in 2012, security company Symantec reported that half of the time, companies with fewer than 2,500 employees are targeted by hackers. For every breach that occurs, more than 600,000 identities are compromised and left vulnerable to further cyber-attacks.

Combating the security risks that loom in cyberspace all starts with the right stuff, such as a dependable antivirus software. You can turn to a managed IT services firm for antivirus defenses and spyware removal that go beyond the basic protection offered by free antivirus programs. Continue reading SMEs Need Defenses against Cyber-Attacks

Setting Up a Sound Wireless Security Policy

Adopting a wireless system for your local area network (LAN) is a good way to configure today’s portables to access your data. While you’ll still need a fixed terminal in the office, a wireless LAN makes sure you get what you need on the go. However, wireless means other people can spot your hotspot.

For that, you need a security policy, a set of implements to remind everyone that your data isn’t up for grabs. Putting a password on your network is just scratching the surface. IT services can go beyond generating strong passwords by configuring your network to thwart unauthorized access from the get-go. Continue reading Setting Up a Sound Wireless Security Policy

Common Computer Problems Faced by Small Businesses

Businesses of all stripes aren’t immune from computer problems, although larger companies tend to recover better from them since they have more resources. Small businesses, on the other hand, have the short end of the stick and they need to rely on reputable providers of managed IT services who can help them back on their feet should these problems come their way.

One common computer problem that small businesses encounter deals with ‘remote access’: i.e. accessing files and data away from the workplace. There are times when business owners simply can’t find or open the documents they need, and others when the files fail to download. An effective solution to this problem is for business owners to set up a virtual private network, which guarantees a safe and reliable Internet connection that they can use to access their files from home.

Another problem they may face is data management because some business owners simply forget to back up their data every now and then. Backups are very important in case of emergencies, like when the company’s data becomes corrupted while it migrates to a new server, or when some bits of data are stolen due to a security breach. Data can be backed up through a cloud server or a physical hard drive, although the former is more reliable because it usually has tighter security.

Raising Your Business’ Online Shields

Businesses see the need for continued access to the Internet when interacting with customers or suppliers. However, not every business can be considered a jack of all trades. Certain people in the organization may be focused on running the operations but will be clueless in handling the information technology (IT) aspect. This underlines the need for managed IT services to keep the operations flowing smoothly, especially in light of cybersecurity concerns.

External Threats

You may have dismissed news of cyberattacks supposedly carried out by aggressive overseas powers as nothing, but a managed IT provider will educate you on giving it some attention. They can assist in protecting your corporate network against intruders, even if they may be from the competition.

Non-Work Related

You don’t pay your employees to goof around during work hours, and this applies to protecting your computers against unauthorized surfing. At the same time, your IT specialists can even factor into the manpower aspect by identifying and dealing with employees who visited which blocked sites.

Plan B

For the event of a disaster, your assigned IT specialist will have planned out the network configurations and stored them under an emergency protocol. Spare hardware will be in place too. This way, you are able to restore functions with minimal disruption.

Protecting your business’ computers through reputable IT professionals ensures the smooth efficiency of operations. You can then concentrate on running things on the floor.