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How to Think Like Good IT Services in Orlando, FL to Stop Hackers


If you are a businessman, then you should know by now that one of the hardest things to do while running a business is maintaining a good and secure network. One of the major goals of many companies, especially those who handle sensitive information and trade secrets, is to protect against hackers. This part is easy enough, as long as you find good IT services in Orlando, FL.

A smart businessman, however, would know how important it is to also understand the overall structure of their network and see what weaknesses it has at the moment. This should allow them to set long-term goals on how to better protect their company, as well as find out which people they need more in the team. What is undoubtedly imperative, however, is for them to get reliable IT professionals at the soonest possible time.



The Importance of IT Services in Law Firms

Prior to 1996, law firms only have to worry about physical boundaries when conducting business with their clients. Ever since the first law firm website was launched that year in San Francisco, however, today’s lawyers have the means to operate from virtually anywhere and at any time. To do this, they have to work with reliable IT (information technology) services that can provide the resources and knowhow needed by law firms to operate online. Continue reading The Importance of IT Services in Law Firms

Spam: The Meatloaf That Isn’t

Spam can be any email, whether it’s in your spam folder or inbox. What makes detection hard is that the reverse also works: “Any email can be spam.”

Statistics show that roughly half of emails sent around the world are spam; but with researchers disputing the veracity of the numbers, it can be higher. Not surprisingly, the U.S. is the leading spam generator, given its business atmosphere. How exactly do you determine a message sent as junk? Subjectivity isn’t exactly an accurate filter. Continue reading Spam: The Meatloaf That Isn’t

Common Computer Problems Faced by Small Businesses

Businesses of all stripes aren’t immune from computer problems, although larger companies tend to recover better from them since they have more resources. Small businesses, on the other hand, have the short end of the stick and they need to rely on reputable providers of managed IT services who can help them back on their feet should these problems come their way.

One common computer problem that small businesses encounter deals with ‘remote access’: i.e. accessing files and data away from the workplace. There are times when business owners simply can’t find or open the documents they need, and others when the files fail to download. An effective solution to this problem is for business owners to set up a virtual private network, which guarantees a safe and reliable Internet connection that they can use to access their files from home.

Another problem they may face is data management because some business owners simply forget to back up their data every now and then. Backups are very important in case of emergencies, like when the company’s data becomes corrupted while it migrates to a new server, or when some bits of data are stolen due to a security breach. Data can be backed up through a cloud server or a physical hard drive, although the former is more reliable because it usually has tighter security.