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Benefits of Managed IT Services

Small and medium businesses can benefit from hiring IT service providers who can manage their IT operations, whether as a fully outsourced service, or in collaboration with the business’ in-house IT team. It is a strategic move that helps improve operations. Here are some benefits of managed IT services: Continue reading Benefits of Managed IT Services


What Your Orlando It Support Company Should Know about Cloud Computing

For up-and-coming small- and mid-sized businesses in the Sunshine State, today’s data management and storage solutions can be of tremendous help. Back in the day, businesses had to manage their bookkeeping by filing physical folders and storing them away in bulky cabinets. Thanks to cloud computing technology, it is now possible for businesses to store and manage their data in a secure location that’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

Forbes tech contributor Joe McKendrick talks about some of the benefits small and mid-sized businesses can enjoy when they decide to switch to the cloud. First, having on-demand cloud services allows businesses to try new product concepts or designs that can be set up in little to no time at reduced costs. Business owners can also adopt tried-and-tested business models available in the cloud which, in turn, opens up new possibilities for molding their very own business models.

Orlando, FL IT Services Fortify SMEs’ Defenses against Cyber-Attacks

According to a 2012 report by security company Symantec, half of recorded attacks went after companies with less than 2,500 employees. In addition, those with fewer than 250 employees are increasingly becoming targets. For every breach, over 600,000 identities are left open to further cyber-attacks.

SMEs in Orlando should be aware just how vulnerable they can be. In June 2011, the hacktivist network Anonymous declared war on the city over the arrest of members of an anti-poverty feeding group. Distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks hit several Orlando-related sites such as Mayor Buddy Dyer’s campaign website and Orlando Florida Guide.

Things to Ask a Tech Support Provider

In one blog post on technical support service, questions mainly related to overall customer service were tackled. In this one, questions about more technical service terms take the spotlight.

Do you monitor our systems?

Several IT companies still only offer break-fix support—that is, they only get to work when you report a problem. But that kind of service won’t work well in this age. Proactive monitoring is much more efficient and preferred by most companies, as it eliminates the hassles of calling tech support every time something goes wrong; in case something does go awry, the IT support company can recognize the problem and fix it in real time.

How do you manage updates and service packs?

Software manufacturers regularly release updates which are essential for a stable, secure network. Some IT companies regularly update their software while manually updating their clients’ on work hours where the employees’ work will have to be interrupted. This does not bode well about how well some of these IT service companies approach their service.

Do you work with specific hardware and software providers?

An IT company who works with specific manufacturers that directly provide them support is ideal. The answer to this question essentially gives you confidence that the IT support company has forged good relationships with the people who make the hardware and software for your business.