The Essence of Network Design

Businesses today need a well-designed network infrastructure to function efficiently. Sharing information within the company through a reliable communications network makes interactive transmissions of instructions easier and operations faster with efficient analysis of different yet related business components like profit and loss, and revenue management. If the network design is not up to par, the company’s operations will fall short of optimal performance.In the past, forming a network is as simple as connecting devices to each other. Today, building a network has need to integrate company needs and computer technologies with aspects such as traffic flow, security risks, efficiency metrics, and levels of access, among others.

A network is well-designed with these following characteristics:

  • Performance – this is determined via different parameters, including response       time of applications and the variations therein.
  • Scalability – when a network is scalable, it won’t have to go through a complete redesign to support growth.
  • Resilience – the network must be able to provide a platform resilient enough for its supported applications to create a zero-downtime condition for at least the most critical applications.

With businesses increasingly dependent on efficient network design, it’s important that companies, even small to medium businesses, invest in managed IT and network support to ensure that computer technology issues are resolved in the fastest way possible.


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